Gardner Law Offices and William S. Gardner

     Since 2007, William Gardner has been filing both Consumer and Business Bankruptcy cases for people throughout the Western District of North Carolina.  These cases have been under all different chapters of the bankruptcy code and have involved all types of creditor/debt issues.  The firm has one attorney and three assistants that work hard to maintain both a personal and professional touch when it comes to bankruptcy.  Non one wants to file bankruptcy and it is never a high point in a person's life, but it can work to provide much needed relief and peace of mind. It also provides a fresh start and allows a person to move on with their life and put the past behind them.  Bankruptcy also can assist in allowing people to stop foreclosure, save cars, and take care of past due taxes.  If you are considering bankruptcy please call William Gardner and set up a free consulation, even if you decide not to file you will leave with education and advice about debt, credit and bankrutpcy at no charge.  
     There are many different bankruptcy firms and options in this area but please consider that experience really does matter in handling your case.  William Gardner has filed and discharged thousands of cases under all four chapters of the United States Bankruptcy code and is very experienced with the procedures and methods of the United State Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of North Carolina.