William S. Gardner

     William Gardner (Bill) has been practicing Bankruptcy law since 2004.  He started with his Uncle Bankrutpcy lawyer O. Max Gardner III in 2004 and worked as an associate for him until 2007.  In 2007, he formed the law firm Gardner Law Offices and began filing his own cases.

     Since that time, Bill has filed over 1,100 chapter 13 cases, 400 Chapter 7 cases, 15 chapter 11 cases and 5 Chapter 12 cases.  Mr. Gardner also has extensive experience in Litigation in the United States Bankruptcy Court where he has appeared in over 100 different adversary proceeings/trials  and also thousands of contested motions. 

     Bill Gardner went to UNC Chapel Hill as an undergrad with a major in History.  He earned his Juris Docter from the Unversity of South Carolina Law School.  He has been married for 10 years to Amanda Gardner and has two kids, Lila age 7 and Jack age 4.  Expect for his 7 years in College  he has lived in Shelby, North Carolina all his life.