Chapter 13 Bankruptcy 
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 
-Low Costs Basic Chapter 7. 
-Get  a Fresh Start. 
-Abilty to do very complex cases. 
-Chapter 13 Plans. 
-Stop Foreclosure, Keep your house
-Stop Repossesions, Keep you cars. 
-Eliminate Judgments
-Attorney Fees put into the Chatper 13 Plan 
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 
Chapter 12 Bankruptcy 
-Business Bankruptcy 
-Individual Chapter 11 Cases. 
-Lower Cost Retainers. 
-Free Consulation. 
-Expereince- Have filed over 15 chapter 11 cases
-Made for Farmers. 
-Change Mortgages. 
-Attorney fees put into plan. 
Experience -Wiliam Gardner has filed many of these and got them confirmed. 
-Creditor relief from stay motions. 
-Preference Actions. 
-Adversary proceedings in Bankruptcy Court. 
-Trials in Bankruptcy Court.